American Story Channel has super lean management.  We embrace a modified Open Allocation model.  Unlike traditional companies where projects are assigned top-down, our “crew members” are hired for a specific role but at the same time can tackle whatever project they want without formal request or management interference.  Our crew members have an option to work with whomever they like on something that they think is cool as long as there is a space in a chosen project. 

Four values define the American Story Channel experience and institutionalize our culture of shared ownership, which consistently produces outstanding, effective work. Our crew members foster a relaxed environment where everyone feels comfortable punching above their weight. We move fast and remove barriers for each other. At times we express our concerns, but at the same time we offer solutions and jump on it to deal with the issue collaboratively in order to fix the issues.  As an organization with minimal hierarchy, you can feel confident suggesting the outlandish—we’ve got your back.

Our four values are: (1) Take care of each other, (2) Collaborate, (3) Produce amazing work, (4) Speak up

We don’t segregate people by department. Instead, you’ll work with the other people who are working on your project. This means you’ll have daily contact with some of the most talented strategists, designers, and technologists in the business.

We often say “we do not take ourselves too seriously but we take our work very seriously.” We’re not big on offices or hierarchy, but we are big on collaboration and straight talk. We’re friendly, we’re playful, and sometimes we break the rules. We’re an independent bunch, and we look for disciplined self-starters.

We are big on innovation and pushing the envelope.  We have a single innovation-centric model across the entire organization.  We’re always interested in hearing from talented individual in the fields of production of all media forms, video and film, writers, graphic artists, illustrators, designers, UX’ers, technologists, social media strategists, producer folk (and more!).  But if you don’t see an opening for your specific talent right now, that’s OK!  It could be because we’re so busy looking for you we haven’t had time to update the website.  More likely though, we’re just not actively looking for your specific skillset right this second.  However, if you send us a note (with our apologies in advance that we might take a while to get back to you), when we have an open role that fits your skills, you can bet we’ll be looking at your stuff then and will get back to you.